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RAYE Designs Branded Architecture For Ketel One Vodka

RAYE has followed up on their successful prior experiential work for DIAGEO brands I.W. HARPER Bourbon and Studebaker Cocktails with development of branded architecture for DIAGEO pillar spirit Ketel One Vodka. RAYE in conjunction with GERTRUDE developed brand design for Ketel One Vodka modular bar structures and barware, experiential activities, and activation of key sports stadium partnerships. This work is part of Ketel One’s global brand refresh and re-launch rolling out over the next year with the tagline, “It Has To Be Perfect.”

Ketel One Vodka was recently selected by Drink International’s 50 Best Bars Brand Report as the Number One (#1) best selling vodka, an achievement appreciated by many.

Since 1691 and spanning 11 generations, Ketel One Vodka merges old world pot-still perfection with meticulous modern day distillation. Celebrating over 325 years of inspiration and innovation Ketel One Vodka is as drinkable as it is distinguished, years of exacting expertise, producing a paragon of quintessential quality, the epitome of enjoyment. Ketel One’s embodiment of excellence is crafted to capture the essence of this experimentation, crispness, clarity and silky smooth softness. The character of Ketel One is fabricated from the finest quality considerations, mastered through a pristine process, built on a long legacy of distillation excellence.

RAYE’s design of custom Ketel One modular bar systems and barware for events and stadiums highlights this iconic brand’s exceptional heritage and superior attention to detail which produces “the perfect cocktails”, unique and unequaled. The quirky qualities of Dutch distinction are also built into the brand, reflective in the care, obsessive craftsmanship and remarkable values of the world’s superior spirit standard; Ketel One Vodka. GERTRUDE’s & RAYE’s work is part of a global brand refresh and re-launch for Ketel One rolling out throughout this year.