Studebaker Whisky Cocktails Speakeasy Shipping Container Side View


RAYE Designs STUDEBAKER “Whisky 6ix” Experience

GERTRUDE, along with the agency’s design and branded architecture teams (OZ MFG. COMPANY and RAYE), completed a wildly successful brand launch event for STUDEBAKER, a new-to-world, premium whisky cocktails brand from global spirits giant, DIAGEO. For one night, specially invited media, trade, and social influencers convened to experience the STUDEBAKER “WHISKY 6iX,” an innovative, two-part branded architecture environment designed to illuminate STUDEBAKER’s exceptional craftsmanship and alluring history.

Arriving guests entered a converted 2200 Series CTA Train Car reimagined as a 1920s Club Car, complete with a custom branded exterior, interior signage telling the brand’s Prohibition era history, custom fabricated whisky crates, 1920s era swing jazz, and of course, bartenders serving up STUDEBAKER Cocktails. The WHISKY 6iX experience continued as guests exited the train car and stepped into a “modern speakeasy” resembling an oversized whisky crate. A secured sliding front door beckoned guests to approach and enter a private room custom designed for STUDEBAKER, including a short film showcasing the brand’s Prohibition history.

This “modern speakeasy” lounge, designed from a 20′ L x 8.5′ H shipping container, was conceived and built by GERTRUDE’s new Branded Architecture division, RAYE.